Newbold Verdon Parish Council

Serving the people of Newbold Verdon

Clerk: Josie Flavell
Sport's Pavilion, Alan's Way
Newbold Verdon, Leicester

Newbold Verdon Parish Council consists of 10 seats which are filled with 8 elected councillors and co-opted members, who will serve for a four year term unless they decide to step-down and resign from office.

All Councillors hold a position of office but do so on a voluntary basis and cannot act alone i.e. make any decisions on behalf of council or act without prior authority from full council.

Council is governed by a vast amount of legislation and according to statute, require a constitution document which highlights how they should operate and manage all council business affairs and finances. This document is called the Standing Orders which is reviewed annually by full council and be viewed by clicking the above link or by visiting our document management system and selecting Policies.

The Parish Office is located at the Sports Pavilion, Alans Way, Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, LE9 9LB. However, the Clerk only works from here one morning a week, which can vary from week to week. Therefore, should you wish to see the Clerk, you will need to book a prior appointment in order to do so.


Parish Clerk

Josie Flavell CiLCA

Josie Flavell CiLCA

Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Newbold Verdon Parish Council

Parish Council Office, Sports Pavilion
Alans Way
Newbold Verdon
07483 347 773

The Clerk is responsible for all areas of managing council as well as the following:

  • Finance as Responsible Financial Officer
  • Burials Superintendent
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Sports Pavilion and Sports Field Bookings

The Clerk is employed part-time and works 30 hours per week. She is normally available by telephone Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. These hours are flexible and may change. However, should the Clerk be unavailable, please leave a voice-mail message or email the Clerk directly using the contact details on the contact us page.

Staff Members

Other than the Clerk, Newbold Parish Council also employs a Cleaner who oversees the cleaning of the sports pavilion and a Caretaker, who oversees the upkeeping and maintenance of this building as well as litter picking council owned sites.

Glynis has worked for the Parish Council as Cleaner for a number of years and is a dedicated member of the team, with Michael having joined Council in 2020 as Caretaker.

All other maintenance work is carried out by sub-contractors. Please contact the Clerk for further information.