Newbold Verdon Parish Council

Serving the people of Newbold Verdon

Clerk: Lyn Yavuz
Community Pavilion, Alan's
Way, Newbold Verdon, Leicester

Tel: 07483347773


All planning applications come under the remit of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, who are the lead authority for all applications.

Newbold Verdon Parish Council have no powers to determine the outcome of any planning applications but are required to review and comment on them within the prescribed deadlines.

Should you wish to learn more about a particular planning application or to comment, then please use the below link which will give you access to all current applications. If you require further information, you will need to contact Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council directly.

Members of public are entitled to make representations and comment on all planning applications via the HBBC Planning Portal as well as raising any issues during the public open session of any Parish Council meeting.