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Cyclist asked to Dismount - Hinckley Town Centre

Cyclist asked to Dismount - Hinckley Town Centre

RESS RELEASE - Cyclists reminded to dismount

Cyclists are being reminded to dismount when travelling through Castle Street and the pedestrianised areas of the town centre.

The call came after the council was alerted to a number of near misses between cyclists and pedestrians after cyclists flouted the no cycling rule. With town centre shops and businesses reopening, the town centre is becoming busier with pedestrians. This, along with the newly marked queuing areas outside shops designed to assist with social distancing have been making it more difficult for cyclists to navigate through town centre pedestrian areas safely in recent days.

Officers are now appealing to cyclists to remember to dismount in order to reduce the risk of any accidents.

Anyone cycling in pedestrian areas where cycling is prohibited will be approached and asked to dismount. The town centre is being patrolled daily by High Street Helpers who are assisting visitors and helping to keep people safe.

Parents of children attending nearby schools are also being asked to make their children aware that cycling is prohibited in the pedestrianised areas of the town.

Anyone cycling to the town centre for shopping is urged to walk with their bicycle through the town centre or secure in one of the town's cycling racks. There's a map of all of the places in the town centre where cycles can be locked away online:

Alternatively, there are routes which goes round the pedestrianised area that cyclists can use instead available online. see for details.

Posted: Wed, 24 Jun 2020 15:49 by Josie Flavell

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