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Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan has been created by members of the Parish Council and members of the community via the Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee, using the vision of parishioners for the future of Newbold Verdon.

The aim of the Neighbourhood Plan is to put forward the wishes of the community regarding the future development of the village and to deliver local aspirations within the context of the strategic planning framework. It allows for local people to have a greater say about what happens in the area in which they live and sets out policies that meet the need of the community whilst, having regard for local, national and EU policies.

The Neighbourhood Plan contains a number of policies, including some areas where the Parish Council will support development activity, and other areas such as "Local Green Spaces' that the community wish to protect. These policies have been drafted following significant engagement with the residents of Newbold Verdon parish, which also identify a number of Community Actions.

These are not planning policies and are not subject to examination. They reflect future work activities that it is proposed are undertaken within the parish and involving a range of third parties, to help improve the parish in line with the outcome of community consultation.

Due to the issues which arose from the examination process in 2021 and the Covid-19 delays, Regulation 14 had to be revisited and the Plan will not go to referendum or be 'Made' until 2023.

Once is has been approved to 'Made' status, it will be a legally binding document to be used by HBBC to determine planning applications and guide planning decisions in the parish of Newbold Verdon.

Please find attached all documentation pertaining to the Draft Plan below, including the most recent Housing Needs Assessment Report.

As part of the Regulation 14 process, a Housing Needs Assessment report had to be completed and this required all proposed sites to be reassessed. This took place in early summer (2022) and Council has since chosen a 'preferred' site for a small number of houses to put forward into the draft plan.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council will now need to assess this site and determine whether a Strategic Environmental Assessment is needed.

Keep checking back for future updates and documentation.

The 'Draft' Plan

Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) Report

Site Options and Selection Report

Notification of Formal Consultation on Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 14 Town and Country Planning, England, Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012)

A 'Pre-submission Consultation' on the Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan was undertaken in June - July 2018. Because of a procedural issue another 'Pre-submission Consultation' was conducted.

Prior to final acceptance of the Neighbourhood Plan, one key stage is a review by an 'Independent Examiner'. During this review, the Examiner's preliminary findings concluded that the Plan and documents were well put together and sound. It was however found that the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was actually conducted out of sequence in the process - the SEA should come before the regulation 14 consultation.

The Examiner's view was that the Neighbourhood Plan would consequently fail the examination. Therefore, Newbold Verdon Parish Council withdrew the Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan from the Examination process to allow a new Pre-Submission Consultation (Regulation 14) to be conducted.

Through the first application to Regulation 14, a public consultation was run for 6 weeks from 4th August 2020 to 15th September 2020. Please see the below documents which highlight the comments received. Another public consultation period will need to take place later in due course and this webpage will be updated as to when that will take and the relevant forms added.

The revised Draft Plan, SEA, supporting documents and comments form can be viewed or downloaded from this webpage below.

If you require a hard copy of the Plan to review please contact the Parish Clerk: and let them have your name, address, phone contact and email address. They will send you a copy by email or arrange for you to have access to a paper copy. There will also be a form available for your comments.

Following any future public consultation processes the Plan will be reviewed and submitted to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council together with all the supporting documentation, including a Basic Conditions Statement and Consultation Statement setting out who has been consulted, how the consultation has been undertaken and how the representations have informed the Plan.

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council will then invite representations, before the plan is subjected to Examination by an Independent Examiner. Once any further amendments have been made the Plan will be subject to a local Referendum, if the Referendum is successful the Plan will be "Made" by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council.

Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee

Regulation 14 Consultation Response

  • Pre-submission Consultation Responses - Jan 2021 (PDF, 712 Kb)

    The attached document includes all comments received from stakeholders and members of the public from the public consultation held between August and September 2020. As this process will need to be revisited, please check back for further updates as to when the next consultation will be undertaken.

Appendices and References

References for Community Amenities and Facilities

Documents Reference Examination Process

These Documents are not part of the Neighbourhood Plan and are not to be commented on, but reference the examination process.

Consultation Statement References

The documents below are not part of the Neighbourhood Plan, they are housing site assessments.

Please note that the SHELAA numbers refer to sites previously assessed by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee Reports

Steering Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes