Newbold Verdon Parish Council

Serving the people of Newbold Verdon

Clerk: Lyn Yavuz
Community Pavilion, Alan's
Way, Newbold Verdon, Leicester

Tel: 07483347773


Newbold Parish Council currently have a number of sub committees and working groups which require Terms of Reference and minutes for all meetings held; all of which can be found below.

  • Planning Committee
    This committee reviews all planning applications and recommends what comments council should make against each application.
  • Complaints Committee
    This committee reviews any major complaints that are received concerning the council members, members of staff including council's conduct.
  • Open Space and Parks (Green Space) Committee
    This committee reviews all action, works, management, purchase of equipment etc for all green spaces under the remit of the Parish Council. This is the only committee which has members of the public representing the committee.
  • Cemetery Committee
    This committee reviews all requirements concerning the purchase of new street furniture and the cemetery's maintenance/management needs.
  • Staffing Committee
    This committee reviews all staffing requirements, needs, costs and appraisals.
  • Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee
    This committee manages and review all matters relating to the Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan. Please see the Neighbourhood Plan webpage for all documents, including minutes.
  • Website Working Group
    This Group reviews all website content to ensure it is up to date and inline with current accessibility regulations.
  • Climate Change Working Group
    This Group reviews, investigates and recommends climate change activities, events and products Council should consider to help the local climate change.
  • Sports Field Working Group
    This Group has responsibility for improved communication between sports clubs and the Parish Council, sharing ideas and best practice.

Committee/Working Group


Complaints Committee

Members agreed as and when complaints arise.

Planning Committee

Cllr Sheppard-Bools
Cllr Petcher

Open Spaces and Parks (Green Space) Committee

Cllr J Crooks
Cllr B Crooks

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Cllr J Crooks
Cllr B Crooks
Mr Cope
Mrs Cope
Mrs Sykes
Mr Sharman
Parish Clerk

Cemetery Committee

Parish Clerk
Cllr J Crooks
Cllr J Dowell

Staffing Committee

Cllr A Tessier
Cllr J Crooks
Cllr M Oliver

Website Working Group

Cllr J Crooks
Cllr M Oliver
Parish Clerk

Climate Change Working Group

Cllr B Crooks
Cllr M Sheppard-Bools

Sports Field Working Group

Cllr Andrew Tessier
Parish Clerk
Mr Chad Brindley
Mr Mark Roscoe
Mr Christer Malsbury

Committee Minutes

Green Space Committee Minutes

Heritage Board Project Working Group

Jubilee Celebrations Working Group Minutes

Sports Field Working Group Minutes

Terms of Reference